Our Story

In 2011 Enosh Cassel decided to take his brother Hannan to Nepal on a 3-week trek in the Himalayas, which he documented on film. Israel's Channel 2 featured a story about the trip, which caused a wave of enthusiastic responses throughout the country.

Among these, many came from brothers and sisters of young adults with disabilities. This inspired Enosh, together with his friend Itamar Peleg, (a guide and organizer of challenging tours around the world), to create the project My Hero Brother with the goal of taking a group of brothers and sisters of young adults with Down syndrome on a similar trek.


Award-winning filmmaker Yonatan Nir joined the team 2013, in order to capture and share this exceptional story through film. After a year of preparation and fundraising, a group of eleven sibling pairs embarked on a journey to India for the adventure of a lifetime.


Enosh Cassel and his brother Hannan