Meet The Team


Enosh Cassel

Enosh Cassel founded My Hero Brother with his brother Hanan in 2011. Cassel, an entrepreneur and filmmaker, wanted to give his Down syndrome brother the “backpacking adventure” many Israeli’s experience after their military service, and what began as a personal family trip quickly turned into a national project. Cassel is also the founder of Dynamicam, a startup which develops innovative robotic solutions for the broadcasting industry.



Itamar Peleg

Itamar Peleg is an experienced guide and founder of Travelog, which offers tailor made adventure expeditions. As journey leader, Peleg was required to make complex decisions throughout the trek, and balance between the needs of the Down syndrome participants and the aspirations of their siblings. Peleg specializes in social initiatives, and hopes to lead more groups with disabilities on similar life changing journeys.


Yonatan Nir

Award-winning filmmaker Yonatan Nir has been telling stories for over a decade – from epic photojournalist reports, to the critically acclaimed Dolphin Boy (2011) which was acquired by Disney Pictures and screened in over 130 film festivals, he successfully captures and portrays unique relationships formed between man and nature. After joining Hey Jude Productions in 2008, Nir went on to direct and produce Beyond the Boundaries (2011), Cutting the Pain (2012), and The Essential Link (2017). Nir is also a highly demanded speaker and film professor and has given over 500 lectures in Israel and around the world.